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The amenities and features of the residential unit are very important and Filinvest Land has always paid extra attention to the same. Out of the total area, nearly 60% is reserved for only amenities and recreational features to help residents live a healthy life. Some of the recreational amenities of the place are lap pool, infinity pool, swimming pool, landscaped garden, playground for the children, building facade, jogging track, basketball court, toddler playroom, fountains, tree park, activity area, clubhouse, entertainment area, kiddie pool and many other recreational areas.

Apart from that, the building features are also great and the entire building is well secured and safeguarded. It is a gated residential place and the developers always take care of the safety of the residents. There is 24 x 7 security service along with a guard room to keep a check on people entering the place. Every guest is asked for where and whom they want to visit before letting them in. It is one of the safest community residential spaces which is intended for a comfortable lifestyle. It is a gated residence and also there is an administration room for handling the management of the buildings.

The low-density residential space is a great place to invest on with the units ranging from as small as studio units to 2BR and even larger classic Soho. There are 24 x 7 water supplies along with a reservoir for water for an emergency. To keep the units and the entire place safe, it is equipped with smoke detectors, an alarm system for emergency purpose, fire alarms etc. There are so many features in and around that the residents do not have to go for entertainment elsewhere. Each of the units has a bedroom, dining space, living room along with kitchen and 1 or T&B depending on the size of the unit.

  • Infinity Pool
  • Building Facade
  • Children's Playground
  • Green Corridors
  • Swimming Pool
  • Landscape Garden
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